nuderoses asked: are you in love ? because ALL you're posts talk about that shit and I'm about to throw up. I hate being in love. Be independaant girl or boy



You can be independent and still be in love. 

How TF can you hate love? Maybe you hate or dislike the unfortunate shit that could end or jeopardize love, or maybe you’re uncomfortable with the fact that you have to be vulnerable in order to experience love. Maybe, being vulnerable got you hurt in the past and you’re scared to try again. But I fail to believe that ANYONE can actually dislike the feeling of being loved and the power to love others. 

Nah. Definitely not keeping it real.

"From Peter Pan" by Mclaine Schwertfeger (via mclaines)

(via mclaines-deactivated20131210)

fairies chuckle,
shamrock hearts wale,
the familiar taste of coffee and rain.
why would you waste your time here when the grass wants to see you so badly.
they told me last night.
me and the fireflies tried to wake you,
but your eyelashes wouldn’t budge.
the mermaids all cut their hair
to build a rope to save you
but their braids of gold and violet
never reached your windowsill
for the realization of human beauty caught us all by surprise.
why wake a slumbering child?
but will you see us when you wake up?
will you still care?
you awake, ten inches taller
blackened eyes and holey ears.
you never looked back,
you never heard the mermaids cry.


Nailed it! My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

Vine by: Erika Peters

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teacher:what's something that you need that you can't see or feel?
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